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Career Development can begin at an early age. Children need to explore about themselves to learn what interests them.

Middle Years students begin exploring possible job futures in more detail by matching their learning styles, interests, personality,and strengths to careers that suit them.

Figuring out what you want to do post-secondary is not easy. MyBlueprint offers comprehensive tools to help students plan a future.




Knowing about yourself and the things you like is a good start to making matches to a career that suits you.All About Me, the companion program to the the career planner tool used in Grades 7-12 is a visual portfolio allows students to explore their interests to learn more about themselves and possible future careers.

TheEducation Planner from myBlueprint is a career planning tool that is available to Grade 7-12 students in Pine Creek School Division. Middle Years students can begin to match interests, personality traits, abilities, and their learning style to matching careers. This tool follows them into the Senior Years program where they use it for course selection and creating portfolios to match their career aspirations.

Senior Years students have access to a portfolio driven tool,theEducation Planner from myBlueprint,that guides them towards future careers. Students can track high school credits to graduation, explore post-secondary paths making sure they are taking the right courses for future plans, build resumes, set goals, search for employment, and more.

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