Map of the Pine Creek School Division

Pine Creek School Division provides educational programming and services for approximately 1100 students from K-12. We consist of 5 Elementary Schools, 2 High Schools and 7 Hutterian Colony Schools.
Our Division is located along the Trans-Canada and #16 highway, being central in the province, about 45 minutes from Brandon and 1 hour from Winnipeg. Our communities are spread from Langruth, Plumas and Gladstone in the North to MacGregor & Austin in the South.

“To engage our youth in building a positive future in our ever-changing local and world communities through development of students’ knowledge, compassion, and determination.”

To provide our students with…

  • A meaningful, high-quality education.
  • A safe and caring environment.
  • An inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.
  • An environment that respect students’ individuality.
  • Challenging academic and skill-based learning.
  • Opportunities that empower students to be active and responsible citizens of our world.

Our work on behalf of students will produce…

  • A strong learning environment in partnership with community.
  • Strong student skills in numeracy, literacy, science, and technology.
  • Well-rounded citizens who appreciate and respect the Arts.
  • Strong student critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • An inclusive learning environment that advocates for social justice and respect for diversity.
  • Student awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Positive attitudes to that create pathways to students’ futures.